Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brad's Raw Chips Review

As I'm sure you've gathered, I've been on a fast.  (You can read about it here and here and here and here.)  On Day 22, I decided to start adding a limited array of foods back into my diet, after three weeks of eating (and drinking) nothing but fruits and veggies.

When I told the people at Brad's Raw Foods that I was ready to start eating again, they were kind enough to send me some Raw Kale Chips and some Raw Vegetable Chips to try.

We got the Naked Vegan Cheese flavor of kale and Red Bell Pepper veggie chips.

We sat on the porch and broke open the snacks with some homemade baba ganoush.  Um, have I ever mentioned that my two year old is crazy about chips of any kind?  

These chips were totally made for us.  You know how I'm a psycho health food store person, right?  Brad's Raw Foods are make with a dehydrator, which means they're not cooked at a temperature high enough to obliterate all the beautiful phytonutrients in the vegetables. All of the healthiness is preserved, but in crunchy chip form.  Perfect!

Oh, and they're delicious.  (I'm not just saying that because I've spent the last 20-something days eating only cold, fresh fruits and veggies, I swear.)  I would like to tell you all about how Brad's Raw Chips got my girls to FINALLY eat handfuls of raw kale, but they do that anyway.  We have a garden full of kale, and we juice and smoothie it up every morning.  But, in this case, they also ate handful after handful of kale, and I got to tell them they were having a special treat!

Brad's Raw, you get 6 thumbs way up from Louisey, Scouty and I!

Disclosure:  I was given these chips for free.  My opinions about them are my own.  Duh.  Like anybody could buy a lie from me with a few bags of snacks.  Although, buying me off with snacks is probably a pretty good idea, if you're in need of a good idea...

Sunday, June 3, 2012 - Review

 Kurt was telling me a story about Dave Navarro's mom from the other room.  I put my new red dress on and said, "Hold on a second.  What do you think about this outfit?"

No kidding, he gasped.  He said that it was perfect.  That it was edgy without being obvious.  He said it was so pretty that he got tears in his eyes.  (He totally did have tears in his eyes, too.)

 I've thought a lot about beauty standards.  How I don't fit in with what's supposed to be attractive, and I don't care.  So why don't I just walk around wearing like... sweatpants and the t-shirt I slept in?  If I don't care about being beautiful, I mean.


The thing is, I never said I didn't care about being beautiful, I just said that nobody gets to tell me how to do it.


eShakti let me pick any dress I wanted from their beautiful catalog.  They carry sizes 0-26, and if you don't feel like any of those sizes suit you perfectly, you can input your actual measurements and they'll make your clothes just for you.  (It costs $7 extra for a custom piece.)

I decided to go the easy route and chose a standard size.  It fits me just right, and I feel just like me when I wear it.

I've seen lots of blog reviews of eShakti popping up everywhere, lately.  Some of them are good and some of them are... well, kind of meh.  If you want to know the honest truth, the fabric of this dress is maybe a little bit stiff.  I love the pockets and the fit and the color and the print and the cut.  Oh, and also, it's my favorite dress of the moment.  I'm totally wearing it next weekend to my friend's wedding shower.

(Disclosure: Nobody paid me to say any of this.  Also, if you've ever read one of my book reviews for which I DO get paid, you know that I don't play around just because somebody's giving me something for free.  If I say I like something, it's only because I like it.)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Giveaway from Shabby Apple!

It's almost spring time!  Are you getting excited about packing away your winter clothes and wearing something more airy?  Last Mom On Earth and Shabby Apple want to help you get into the spring mood with a giveaway!

I'm giving away the gorgeous and quirky Spanish Steps dress (in your size) from Shabby Apple, an online boutique of women's dresses!

Click here to see more pictures and read a description of this $86 dress.

  Here's how you enter to win:

1. Mandatory Entry:  Like Shabby Apple on Facebook by clicking here and pressing the "like" button.  Come back here and leave a comment telling me you did! 

Once you've liked Shabby Apple on Facebook, feel free to enter the giveaway 5 more times via these methods:

1. Visit Shabby Apple and look through all the beautiful dresses.  Come back here and leave a comment telling me which dress is your favorite.

2.  Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link to your tweet/fb post.

3.  Follow Shabby Apple on Twitter and leave a comment with your twitter handle.

4.  "Like" Last Mom On Earth on FB by clicking here

5. Follow Last Mom On Earth via GFC

That's six ways to enter!  Remember, you have to like Shabby Apple on Facebook to be eligible!

I'll choose a winner on Feb 24th, 2012 via  Winner will have 48 to contact me before I choose a new winner.  Winner of this giveaway will receive a Spanish Steps dress from Shabby Apple in the size of their choosing. U.S. residents only, please.  Good luck!

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    Giveaway from Mamalode...

    I'm so excited to offer you the chance to win a 1 year subscription to Mamalode Magazine plus a Mamalode Tote Bag.

    What is Mamalode all about?

    "Do you ever feel like there is just too much on your plate and what gets pushed aside is you? Maybe you need a bigger plate.

    Mamalode is the place where there is room for all of the parts that make you whole. Whether you are working to become a mother, or driving your grandkids’ car pool — you are changed. Motherhood can be very shattering, both from the pressures on the outside and the love from the inside. But there are bits that remain yours– pieces that come from your own childhood, your own adventures and your own growth. They are still there, mixed in with your family, relationships, time, money, health, passions, dreams, work, and creativity. There is room for all that at Mamalode. Welcome — every last bit of you."

    Mamalode is a beautiful thing.

    You can enter to win by doing the following:

    1. Leave a comment telling me something awesome or awful you've learned about yourself through parenting.

    for additional entries:

    1. Like Mamalode on Facebook and leave a comment with your FB name.

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    5. Follow Last Mom On Earth via GFC and leave a comment letting me know.

    For all entries, make sure I have a way to contact you!

    I'll choose a winner on Friday, Feb 17th. If winner doesn't respond to my contact within 48 hours, I'll choose another winner. The prize is a one year subscription to Mamalode, which will be delivered quarterly (4 issues), as well as a tote bag from Mamalode.

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Earth Mama, Angel Baby Giveaway!

    Oh god. I have a redhead with sensitive skin. It's been causing us nothing but heartbreak and benedryl for years.

    When Earth Mama, Angel Baby offered to give me a bottle of their Baby Body Wash and Shampoo, I said I would give it a try, but I didn't necessarily have high hopes.

    When I opened the bottle and realized that it smells OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING, I pretty much added anti-allergy medicine to my shopping list. Ever since Scouty was a baby, we haven't been able to use any thing besides a totally scent-free, boring, popular brand of chemical laden soap, and the corresponding scent-free lotion.

    So like... would I be telling you all of this if Earth Mama, Angel Baby's baby wash didn't work? Or if it made my daughter break out in hives?

    The answer is no.

    This baby soap is awesome. It smells so orangey and delicious that I've been using it, too... even though I'm decidedly not a baby. (Earth Mama, Angel Baby suggests using it as a handsoap for the whole family!) It smells so wonderful and NOT BORING that I bought the corresponding lotion. Goodbye unscented baby wash with "oat extract"... hello beautiful red hair that smells like oranges and love!

    The really good news is that Earth Mama, Angel Baby is giving away a bottle of organic, toxin-free Baby Wash and Shampoo to a Last Mom On Earth Reader.

    All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me which Earth Mama, Angel Baby product you'd like to try. Click here to look around and come back and let me know.

    For extra entries:

    1. Follow @EarthMamaHQ on twitter and leave a comment letting me know.

    2. Like Earth Mama, Angel Baby on facebook and leave a comment letting me know.

    3. Follow @LastMomOnEarth on Twitter and leave a comment letting me know.

    4. Follow Last Mom On Earth with Google Friend Connect and leave a comment letting me know.

    5. Like Last Mom On Earth on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know.

    I will pick a winner via random draw on Nov 29th. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you! If the first winner doesn't respond with mailing info within 48 hours, I'll pick a new winner.

    I was provided with a product from EMAB, and all opinions about it being totally awesome are my own.

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Winner of 4 Tickets to Idlewild Park and Soak Zone is...

    Congratulations to commenter #3 who said:

    Eliot loved this place! His favorite is Storybook Forest, but I have to admit, I always get a little teary on Mr. Rogers trolley.

    ...Heather Visnesky!

    I'm contacting you now, (Heather! You have until 9am tomorrow to respond with your mailing info.)

    Thank you so much to everybody who entered!

    There's only a few more weeks to visit Idlewild before the school year starts, so we're headed there today! I'll be sure to post about our visit on Last Mom On Earth. I hope you'll stick around and join us!

    Saturday, July 30, 2011

    Enter to Win a 4-pack of tickets to Idlewild Park in Pittsburgh area!

    If you live in the Pittsburgh Area, especially if you have kids, you know that Idlewild Park is THE BEST summertime place to be. Kurt and I have been going there since we were kids, and ever since my girls were old enough to ride in my lap on a carousel, we've been taking them, too.

    Scouty's first trip to Idlewild's Splash Zone at 14 months old!

    Would you like to win four tickets to take your family to Idlewild Park? Read on to find out how to enter!

     She was a brave little one year old to take on the ropes course with Daddy!

     Teacher Baby B in Story Book Forest.

     On the Good Ship Lollipop, where she actually tasted her first lollipop!

     Two year old big-girl Scouty playing at Idlewild's Soak Zone.

     Riding the enormous slide in the The Jumpin' Jungle!

    Oh, Daddy! 

    We're headed to Idlewild Park this upcoming weekend to make the most of this hot Pittsburgh summer, and guess what?  It will be Louisey's first time!  To celebrate, I'm giving away a package of 4 tickets to Idlewild Park and Soak Zone

    There are 5 ways to enter:

    1. Leave a comment on this post, telling me about your favorite attraction at Idlewild Park!  (If this will be your first visit, check out their website and tell me which attraction you're the most excited about experiencing!) Make sure I have a way to contact you!

    2. Like Idlewild on Facebook by clicking here Leave a comment letting me know, with a way to contact you.

    3. Follow Idlewild on Twitter by clicking hereLeave a comment letting me know, with a way to contact you.

    4. Follow Last Mom On Earth via Google Friend Connect, email subscription or by signing up for my RSS feed by clicking here.   Leave a comment letting me know, with a way to contact you.

    5.  Tweet, blog, or facebook about this giveaway and leave me a comment with a link and a way to contact you.

    Feel free to do all five in order to get 5 entries.  Just leave a separate comment for each one!

    I will pick a winner on Saturday, August 6th via  The winner has 24 hours to contact me with their mailing info.  If I don't hear from the first person chosen within 24 hours, I will draw for another winner.  I was provided with tickets to visit the park, and all of the opinions about Idlewild being awesome are totally my own.  Good luck!  I hope you win!

    Click here to go back to Last Mom On Earth.